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Testimonials | Hannis Management


14 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. I hired Hannis Management on referral. We needed a consultant for our property in Duluth MN with the ability to immediately fill in as a selling Director of Sales and Marketing while at the same time maximizing revenues as the hotel had been losing share. We needed someone with the flexibility to take an assignment that could be as short as a few weeks to perhaps that of 6 months or more. That was what we were promised and that is what is still being delivered.

    After reviewing all past advertising and sponsorship agreements, our consultant actually renegotiated our agreements- not only increasing our level of sponsorship and exposure, but actually reducing costs and expenditures saving our organization more than $5,000.

    Over the last 8 weeks we have had consistent growth in YOY performance in our STAR report. Most importantly in June, during the much over exposed national news coverage of the floods in Duluth, he reacted in a matter of hours garnering partnerships at State and Local levels with Red Cross and FEMA by offering housing to people with disabilities as well as providing volunteers out in the field with much need Food and Beverage. While other hotels in our competitive set saw their leisure, group & catering segments plunge due to cancellations, our consultants quick response time allowed the hotel to replace those segments with much larger volumes of government travel for longer extended stays- therefore we not only made our June budget- we exceeded it buy more than $45,000.

    I highly recommend this agency.
    Anthony Spears, Area General Manager Associated Hotels

  2. I worked with Hannis Management last year with great results and hired them again in 2013 when we had a sales vacancy. Our consultant trained our newly hired Sales Coordinator on the basics of hotel sales so that she could be a more effective team member and help our sales grow even with the vacancy we had. A few weeks into the assignment we saw a marked improvement in our STAR growth and he actually secured a 1,700 room night account. It’s the best LNR this hotel has seen in 5 years and we are looking at a strong first half of the year as a result. I recommend Hannis Management highly and would use them again.

  3. My company worked with Hannis Management last year at one of our Minnesota hotels. The consultant transitioned easily into the team and with great results. He was engaged in our revenue strategies and during a time where the city had declared a state of emergency in our peak season- he consulted with me immediately to brainstorm strategies for a quick fix on how to best react to the situation. As a result, our hotel had a record breaking month and season due to the extended stay base he secured in the Government sector with Red Cross and then FEMA. I would definitely hire them again

  4. Christopher Lush came into this hotel at the right time. I was in the process of hiring new Sales people while at the same time trying to focus on growing our sales. Our brand new award winning Holiday Inn DFW South was showing a decline in Sales over previous year and I had just been hired as the Complex Director of Sales and Marketing for that hotel as well as the Candlewood Suites DFW South. My hotels had staffing vacancies and I needed the additional sales support. Christopher immediately presented me with his solicitation plan to uncover business in our market. He assessed the competitive set and truly worked the phones during prime time selling hours. Very quickly he landed some great appointments and then secured some fantastic business. As soon as I had my first new hire he put together a sales training plan and included me in every step of his process. Our hotel is in great shape now, my Sales Manager is still doing well and the clientele that Christopher uncovered is still with us to this day. I consider Christopher a friend and a great business colleague and would recommend him and Hannis Management to anyone.

  5. “When my company was taking over a hotel at JFK I worked with Christopher Lush to come in and assess the market and the team. In a matter of days he had processes in place and finished the marketing plan. This was the first of many collaborations with Christopher. I recommend him and his services very highly.”

  6. In 2009, Christopher Lush joined my team at the Sheraton Arlington as an extended task force sales consultant and impressed not only myself, but the entire team and property. The manner with which Christopher treated the role as if his own, with his incredible energy, sense of humor, focused persistence and client relationships, was nothing I had ever experienced from similar services. We truly felt he was a part of our own team and missed him sorely when he moved on to his next assignment. I have the highest respect for Christopher and I’m so pleased that he started Hannis Management- it makes perfect sense that he would start a business supporting an industry that he is so passionate about. I would be delighted if our paths somehow crossed again in the future and recommend him highly.

  7. I decided to try Hannis Management for a November 2013 trade show and I was so impressed with the results I have since hired them for three more projects. The American Ambulance Association Show in November garnered some leads for us, but it was the appointments that Hannis Management secured that garnered us our largest sales at the show. We expected 10 appointments based on what we were guaranteed and we had 20 or more agree to meet with us. I would recommend this company highly.
    Liz Groover Vice President of Marketing Advanced Circulatory Systems

  8. Hannis Management did a great job for Advanced Circulatory. We had a very successful showing at the 2013 American Ambulance Show in Las Vegas and secured two fantastic sales as a direct result of the appointments that Hannis Management set for us. The process was seamless and I was kept informed at all times through emails and a recap. They even made dinner reservations for us to meet with a client. I not only recommend them highly, I know we’ll be using them again.
    Bill Dolbow, Director of Sales Advanced Circulatory Systems

  9. I contacted Hannis Management regarding an immediate need in one of our New York hotels. New York being a unique market, I was hoping to get someone local and familiar with some of our unique market segments. Within 24 hours Hannis Management had 3 candidates to choose from and we moved forward immediately with the best choice. The consultant fit in well with the team and was a strong prospector. We were kept informed of progress regularly. I would not only use this agency again I would recommend them to anyone needing task force or business development.

    Sean McGrath, Regional Director of Sales and Marketing for the Real Hospitality Group.

  10. “We contracted with Hannis Management for business development in June of 2014 and within one week our consultant generated group leads both in Association and Corporate markets along with numerous Catering leads. Hotel potential in prospective revenue uncovered is estimated at more than $100,000 and the volume of qualified sales calls has exceeded my expectations. I would confidently refer Hannis Management to any hotel that is looking for a surge in qualified leads.”

    Matt Kaniff, Director of Sales and Marketing Hilton Palm Beach

  11. “I hired Hannis Management for a Business Development Project at one of our hotels that had been losing market share. The first week of the project they uncovered $96,000 for our hotel to bid on and the second week an additional $164,000. I was impressed with our consultants work ethic and focus. His presence had a natural motivating effect on the team to increase their sales pipelines also. Not only would I recommend this company highly, we are in discussion to work out an extended business partnership”.

    Santhosh Pillai – Vice President of Operations Cicero Hotel Group

  12. Hannis Management set up sales missions for me in two of my territories. In both cases these appointments were key in moving the ball forward in the sales process. These were solid face-to-face appointments with key decision makers. When I asked my clients for feedback regarding their experience with Hannis Management they all said that it was a pleasure and very professional. One client in particular had this to say; “I normally don’t take appointments, but he was so professional and so intriguing that I had to hear more, so I agreed to our meeting today.” – Frank [Philadelphia, PA]

    Michael A. McLaury, RN
    Territory Manager
    Advanced Circulatory

  13. We were in need of sales assistance at our New Holiday Inn Express in New Orleans when we were referred to Hannis Management. While I had never used a service like this before, I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly the consultant acclimated himself to the hotel and the market. He required no supervision and immediately set to work. The assignment is over now and he’s accomplished the following:

    • He’s identified more than 250 tenants in the surrounding corporate complexes and recorded them in our sales system
    • He created a program identifying our arrivals for potential LNR conversion and we have identified approximately 18 accounts to solicit.
    • He secured an LNR at Tulane Hospital which is responsible for more than 1,000 room nights in our immediate market.
    • He trained our new Sales Manager and helped her organize the office.
    I not only recommend Hannis Management, I would use them again if the need ever arises.

    Mark Coltharp – Regional Vice President of Operations Wright Investment Properties.

  14. We were in need of Sales Support at our newly opened Hotel in New Orleans when we decided to work with Hannis Management. I had a brief meeting with him on his first day and set him up with preliminary passwords for our sales systems and then he was basically on autopilot to do what was needed.

    • He created a program utilizing neighboring meeting space and catering to increase our hotels opportunity for group capture.
    • He created a marketing piece for our open house luncheon and solicited donations from our area restaurants to cross promote them during the event.
    • He helped train our newly hired Sales Manager and introduced her to key players in the market immediately the first week.
    • He identified our backyard business and logged into our sales system and identified all the Station Managers at the airport as we had discussed taking on a small piece of crew business
    I would work with Hannis Management again and recommend this service highly.

    Cindy Addison- Regional Director of Sales and Marketing Hospitality Management Advisors

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